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Breakup Tip #24

Being single isn’t scary; dressing up as salt and pepper shakers is scary…

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I decided to use todays post to discuss the topic of why it is better to be single at Halloween.

You recently got your heart broken and although you had the cutest couple costume to wear together, you realize you have to go solo. But, wait…going alone (or with friends) on Halloween may not be as bad as you think.

Let me start by saying no one looks good in M&M costumes, I don’t care how cute you think it is and the whole famous couple thing has been overdone so many times. Think of this as an opportunity to think outside the box!

Let me give you some great reasons to be glad you’re single at Halloween:

  1. You now get to wear the actual cute outfit (instead of the ugly couples costume)
  2. It is the one night of the year you are allowed to dress like a skank and it’s totally acceptable
  3. If you happen to run into your ex, at least you’ll look good
  4. You can now dance and flirt with as many cute guys as you like because you don’t owe him anything (just don’t take them home)
  5. You can post as many cute pictures as you like on FB (letting him know what he’s missing won’t hurt)

So, there you have it! Some great reasons to be thankful you are single this year, who cares if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore, there are plenty of other guys that will, you just haven’t met them yet.

Good luck Ladies and Happy Halloween!


Miss Behaving


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