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Breakup Tip #38

To Facebook or not to Facebook, that is the question…

For many of us we like to tell the world that we are exclusively dating (insert lovers name). However, for others of us (myself included) we don’t like the world in our personal business. So, when it comes to our relationship status on Facebook what do we do when the relationship is over?

It’s the one thing that we all dread at the end of a relationship…updating our relationship to single (or nothing) with the hopes that the little broken heart won’t post on our newsfeed for the world to see. Why? Because we all deserve to have the freedom to grieve and cry (and let’s face it eat as much Ben and Jerry ice cream as we please) without the world wanting to comment on it.

Oh and guess what! I don’t care that you “like” my new single status…I am miserable and you should leave me alone. I get it.

So, this ladies is my advice to you. If a relationship you have publicly advertised on Facebook has come to an end, don’t panic. Just hide it from your newsfeed and your profile page and if someone asks you about it be honest (dude was a jerk). It doesn’t need to be another hurdle to cross, after all it’s just a webpage and today’s news will be dead and gone by tomorrow. So Why stress the little stuff, you can get through this and if you need to take a Facebook break, I say do it. A little break from the computer never hurt anyone.

Good luck, ladies.

Until next time,

Miss Behaving xox


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Breakup Tip #36

He loves you, he loves you not…but why waste your time on someone who isn’t sure how they feel about you?

This is a dilemma many women face. We receive mix signals from the guy we like and although we may not have even dated the guy he still has the ability to break our heart. It’s true.

So, what do you do when you have already fallen for this guy only to be left totally confused? You want to believe he likes you, after all those text messages or Facebook messages he sends makes you believe he is making an effort. The problem is, if a guy is into us he won’t need to wait two weeks to respond to our messages and as much as we can convince ourselves that he is “busy.” like he said he is, the hard truth is he probably isn’t the one for you.

Let me put it this way, if you want the happy ever after it won’t be with the guy who couldn’t care less if he doesn’t see or hear from you for weeks on end. It will be with a guy who can’t wait to talk to you and doesn’t want to skip one (yes, ONE) single day without talking,texting or Facebook messaging you!

Do you get it, Ladies?

Sometimes a break-up doesn’t need to be with the person you’re actually dating but rather the person you are so longing to date. You need to break-up with him (mentally), please don’t send him any sort of communication to indicate this solution, he will in fact think you’re insane. Which on a plus side would make this easier –just kidding!

Look, if your heart is hurting because this guy is sending you mixed signals then why put yourself through the pain? You don’t need to. Take a step back, look at it realistically and decide whether or not you can put up with this, if not, it’s time to move on. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t really want to be there. It will only make the heartbreak that much worse in the end.

I’ve played the waiting game and it’s never worked out in my favor. This one’s up to you, ladies, but if I were you, I would kick this one to the curb and wait for the one that really wants to be with you.

Until next time,

Miss Behaving xox

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Breakup Tip #24

Being single isn’t scary; dressing up as salt and pepper shakers is scary…

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I decided to use todays post to discuss the topic of why it is better to be single at Halloween.

You recently got your heart broken and although you had the cutest couple costume to wear together, you realize you have to go solo. But, wait…going alone (or with friends) on Halloween may not be as bad as you think.

Let me start by saying no one looks good in M&M costumes, I don’t care how cute you think it is and the whole famous couple thing has been overdone so many times. Think of this as an opportunity to think outside the box!

Let me give you some great reasons to be glad you’re single at Halloween:

  1. You now get to wear the actual cute outfit (instead of the ugly couples costume)
  2. It is the one night of the year you are allowed to dress like a skank and it’s totally acceptable
  3. If you happen to run into your ex, at least you’ll look good
  4. You can now dance and flirt with as many cute guys as you like because you don’t owe him anything (just don’t take them home)
  5. You can post as many cute pictures as you like on FB (letting him know what he’s missing won’t hurt)

So, there you have it! Some great reasons to be thankful you are single this year, who cares if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore, there are plenty of other guys that will, you just haven’t met them yet.

Good luck Ladies and Happy Halloween!


Miss Behaving

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Breakup Tip #23

The things we do (post breakup) that may be a little crazy…

The man of your dreams (or so you think) has up and left and now you’re left to dwell with your feelings and emotions all on your own. This is normally a stage of the breakup I tend to call our little crazy phase. It’s a time when we often run through all the ways we can now win our ex back or maybe convince him that he made the biggest mistake of his life and (God willing) come running back.

However, while we are often planning and scheming on ways to make this happen, he is moving on with his life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about making him wish he hadn’t walked out the door but I think we may take that to a whole new level. Below are a few examples of the things we do to try and get our ex’s attention:

1. Driving by his apartment/house (this is not only insane its also stalking and it’s most likely going to freak him out)

2. “Dropping by” his place of work/normal hangout or any other location you think you might bump into him at

3. Posting pictures of you and your new guy (which we both know is really your gay friend Tim who never liked you like that anyway but we can all pretend, right?)

4. Calling or texting him about some emergency (which isn’t really an emergency but you needed some reason to contact him, hey! breaking a nail is a legitimate reason to contact your ex…not)

5. Creating outrageous and somewhat unbelievable Facebook statues about how great your life is and how you would NEVER miss your ex because you are SO over it (which you obviously are NOT…)

So, yes I know we all want our exes to know we are amazing people who are having fun and living life without them but let’s not do it in such an obvious, “we are just pretending to be over you” kinda way. However, I do have a few suggestions for ways to still enjoy your life without having to make up or go to some extreme lengths to make him realize what he’s missing.

1. Go out and have fun (no, I don’t mean make up a fb status about pretending to have fun, actually go out and do it!) examples: girls night out, movie night, theme park, shopping!

2. Post pictures or Facebook status about events you really do enjoy or things that you really do have coming up (remember you are allowed to enjoy things, who cares if he knows that you are moving on and having fun without him, it’s his loss)

3. Meet new people, this is a good way to move on from your ex and get to know new potential partners that might actually treat you better than your ex

4. Remember what you loved about being single (sometimes my happiest moments in life didn’t involve a guy at all)

5. Do what make you happy…and eventually (when you stop waiting, hoping and praying for him to come back, he will realize that he may have just missed out on the best thing that ever happened to him, if not, it’s his loss and you will find someone better)

Keep smiling 😉

Miss Behaving

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Breakup Tip #21

In honor of national singles week, I have decided to add a blog post about why it is awesome to be single! (Yes, single…)

Below you will find my top ten reasons to love being single (hey,who needs that guy anyway!)

  1. You don’t have to rely on anyone else to make YOU happy
  2. You don’t have to wait up for someone else’s text, phone call or Facebook message
  3. You don’t have to worry about hurting someone else’s feelings
  4. You are free to hang out with whomever you like
  5. You can have as many ladies nights as you want (or guys nights, just saying..)
  6. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s ex, friend or whatever they tell you they are…
  7. You don’t have to stay up all night worrying about where they are or who they are with
  8. You don’t have to stalk their profile page on FB (not that you did that anyway…)
  9. You can focus on what  YOU want to do with your life
  10. You can be YOURSELF (best answer of all, who else does it better than you? And, who wants to be with someone that brings them down?)

So there you have it, a few short ideas to love being single…

hey, no one said it was permanent but why not make the most of it!


Miss Behaving

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Breakup Tip #16

How to know when it’s time to move on…

So, you’ve wiped the cobwebs off your bed and have braved the world, good for you!

As the weeks progress you realize that you could be ready to date again but before you take that giant leap of faith that this guy WON’T break your heart, you take a moment to contemplate this idea. After being asked out by a cute guy at your local hangout, you realize you may not be as ready as you thought you were.

Here is the dilemma, when do you know that you are really over your ex and are ready to move on?

The answer, you don’t…well not completely. I think there are several signs to knowing you are over your ex and ready for date night.

Ten Clues You are Over Your Ex:

  1. You no longer obsess/think about your ex every 5-10 minutes
  2. You have stopped Facebook stalking him or her
  3. You no longer feel the need to call your ex at ridiculous times of the day/morning because for some reason you no longer need to hear their voice
  4. You are now obsessing over a new guy/girl you just met
  5. You don’t care who they date as long as it’s not you
  6. You are convinced that if you see them again, you may want to physically hurt them (PLEASE AVOID this at all costs)
  7. If you never saw them again, it wouldn’t be the end of the world
  8. They have a new girlfriend and yet you don’t care
  9. They have tried calling/texting you and you don’t want to answer
  10. You no longer want to spend the rest of your life with them (enough said)

There you have it, a few sure fire ways to know you are ready for the next leap of faith. Just know that if you go on a date with someone when you’re not ready you may end up hurting that person and yourself because you can’t get over your ex.  My advice? Wait until you’re ready and then who knows, maybe you’ll have met Mr. Right!

Keep smiling,

Miss Behaving xox

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Breakup Tip #6

No Facebook stalking…

I know, it’s one of the easiest things to do in the world, just turn on the computer, click the Facebook link, type in his name and bingo (there he is). You now have access to his life, who wrote on his wall last, his recent pictures and yes, even his new girlfriend. Suddenly you regret clicking on his profile page and that horrible sick to your stomach feeling comes back as you realize, he’s moved on.

Yes, I’ve been there and it hurts like hell. Unfortunately in today’s modern world, where you can now see your ex just a click away, heartaches have gotten ten times worse. Unfortunately, as much as we acknowledge that it hurts us to see it, Facebook has become like a drug and we just can’t get enough of it. We want to know where he is, who he is with and why he no longer cares that we exist.

I am here to put a stop to this once and for all. I want you to STOP Facebook stalking your ex, I know it sounds crazy but you can do it. The first step to this is to defriend him (yes, I said it), do it. No he won’t hate you for it and if he does, that’s his problem. You are moving on with your life and if he’s already moved on with his, why torture yourself by constantly reminding yourself of what could have been. He is over it, and you should be too.

I know, it hurts and it sucks, but it’s going to be better for you in the long run. If you can’t bring yourself to defriend him, at least hide him from your newsfeed or have a friend take your Facebook password for a while so you’re not tempted to look.

I want you to get through this breakup and I know for me and many other women out there Facebook is only holding you back. If you are checking his profile page more than once a day, it’s time to put a stop to it. You have to think about yourself now (no, it’s not being selfish, it’s called self-preservation).

When I tell you, I have been there, I mean it. I have done the Facebook stalking thing and it didn’t get me anywhere, except making me feel more upset.  When you are ready to be friends (and I mean just friends) with you ex, that’s when you can stalk them on Facebook, by which point, you probably won’t want to because you will be dating the next guy. So, if you take anything from this post, it’s time to take a Facebook break, remove your ex or remove yourself for a while. It’s going to be ok, we can get you through this and you will be a happier person for it.

Good luck, it’s time to say goodbye…


Miss Behaving  xox

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