Breakup Food

Breakup Food-The Sweet Potato Fry

My breakup food of the week is going to the sweet potato fry. If you have never tried them, what’s wrong with you? (just kidding, calm down…)

These fries are a little bit healthier for you than your average french fry but taste just as good (if not better). I would highly recommend them for a quick fix food. They go with most other things, especially burgers or a sandwich and they are easy to make. I promise.

I want all the broken-hearted out there to know, if you are not a good cook, you cannot go wrong with these fries. To get the easy to make recipe (thank you, Paula Dean), just click here.

30 minutes in the oven and enjoy!


Miss Behaving


Breakup Food-The Burger

This weekend I spent some time visiting one of my closest friends. I had the opportunity on this particular trip to eat at some pretty incredible places, including the Office (no, I’m not talking about my place of work) this is a legitimate restaurant (you can Google it).

I just happened to order the tacos (also pretty good), however my friend ordered what I now refer to as the “best burger I have EVER had.” Which brings me to todays breakup food… A good juicy burger (can I get an Amen?)

I know, they may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but so what? Shouldn’t you be allowed to spoil yourself every once in a while? Trust me, you would want to spoil yourself if you tasted this burger!

If you’re like me, you may find it hard to eat after a breakup but once you are ready to take that first bite, I would recommend something as satisfying as a good burger. Why not? It’s not like Mr. You’re Not Good Enough for Me is still in your life…

So, go ahead, take a big bite of a great burger and enjoy!



Breakup Food- Ice Cream

Food. We need it for survival but after a breakup it often becomes somewhat of a problem. Either you want too much of it or you can barely look at it. I’ve been there.

I tend to lean towards the latter of that statement.You see for me, after a breakup all I really want to do is starve myself. Yes, this is NOT a healthy thing to do and I wouldn’t recommend it, but for a few days (post breakup), I can barely eat at all. This soon changes however when I just happen to be walking down the frozen foods aisle at my local grocery store.

There it is in all its glory, the ice cream section…

Now for most women out there, I believe we can all safely admit we have our own personal favorite brand and flavor. Some like strawberry, cookie dough, etc. However, I am here to tell you that for me, the best breakup ice cream has to be Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie.

I know there truly is a God because no other person could have created such an incredible dessert. This ice cream has gotten me through quite a few breakups. Before you jump off the deep end, screaming about the calories. I am happy to tell you, our good friends at Ben and Jerry have also made it in a low fat version, so go, live on the wild-side, behave a little badly because we all deserve a little something sweet.

Until next time,

Miss Behaving xox


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