Since I can remember I have been in and out of relationships. Some good and some not so good, but each of them teaching me something new along the way. As your breakup blogger, I am here to tell you things are going to be ok. You can survive your breakup and you will be a better person for it!

I created this site after googling different websites about breakups. I wanted to find a one stop place to get the scoop on how to cope with my heartache. After finding very few sites that really told me how it was, I decided it was time to create my own. So, here you go ladies, my gift to you.

About Miss Behaving:

I am your average 24 year old girl, the ultimate girly girl, I love go to go shopping, watch chick flicks and crush on different guys. Yes, I have been through it all, the good breakups, the bad breakups and the holy crap, I may never survive this breakup. I can get you through your breakup and I’m here to give you hope, because, Baby you don’t need to waste YOUR time being good; behaving badly and getting over a breakup go hand in hand.



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