Breakup Tip #39

Breakups are tough just ask those kicked off the Bachelorette…

A new season of the Bachelorette is upon us and while the girls across the nation gather around their TV’s to see the latest drama and make fun of how ridiculous some of those cheesy lines are (I believe my husband is in this room…please), we can take a few things away from the guys.

Break-ups, whether on TV or off it are hard. Yes, you may have only known said person for about 20 minutes or less because she (or he) was busy meeting other attractive 20-something year olds but that was a genuine connection and you have every right to be broken hearted.

Well, just like the many broken hearted bachelors, many of us can relate to having our heart broken. You see it doesn’t always matter how long you’ve known someone, it can take an instant to fall in love with someone and in the next minute they may be leaving you high and dry. What I’m trying to tell you ladies is that just if these poor tormented (somewhat handsome) men on the Bachelorette can be broken hearted, so can you. Who cares if you only knew the guy for 5 days, it still hurts!

What I’m trying to say here is that, breakups suck, no matter how long the relationship lasted. So, don’t feel bad that you only dated him for a month, if he meant a lot to you then you rightly feel a little sad. But, the good news here is you don’t need to spend another minute wanting him. Let some other girl deal with his drama because you are officially young, free and single and you deserve someone who will stick around for the long haul.

Until next time,

Miss Behaving xox


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