Breakup Tip #38

To Facebook or not to Facebook, that is the question…

For many of us we like to tell the world that we are exclusively dating (insert lovers name). However, for others of us (myself included) we don’t like the world in our personal business. So, when it comes to our relationship status on Facebook what do we do when the relationship is over?

It’s the one thing that we all dread at the end of a relationship…updating our relationship to single (or nothing) with the hopes that the little broken heart won’t post on our newsfeed for the world to see. Why? Because we all deserve to have the freedom to grieve and cry (and let’s face it eat as much Ben and Jerry ice cream as we please) without the world wanting to comment on it.

Oh and guess what! I don’t care that you “like” my new single status…I am miserable and you should leave me alone. I get it.

So, this ladies is my advice to you. If a relationship you have publicly advertised on Facebook has come to an end, don’t panic. Just hide it from your newsfeed and your profile page and if someone asks you about it be honest (dude was a jerk). It doesn’t need to be another hurdle to cross, after all it’s just a webpage and today’s news will be dead and gone by tomorrow. So Why stress the little stuff, you can get through this and if you need to take a Facebook break, I say do it. A little break from the computer never hurt anyone.

Good luck, ladies.

Until next time,

Miss Behaving xox


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