Breakup Tip #37

WARNING! Don’t get too attached…

As women we tend to think long term, we want to think this relationship will last forever and when our significant other seems to be really into us we can’t help but get a little carried away. The problem? If we let ourselves get so attached to one person if they break-up with us we will be devastated.

I remember I had a friend who told me to never let myself get too attached to the person I was dating. Instead she told me to date around, always have a guy on the back burner and NEVER let him know how much you like him. Why? Because when a guy thinks he has you he tends to lose interest. While you may be picking out his and hers bath towels he is busy looking for a way to tell you that he doesn’t see this relationship going anywhere (ouch!).

So, what does this mean for the ladies who are in a loving relationships that they believe will never end? Well, as much as we hope it doesn’t end in tears we also know that being aware of what could happen might be the better option. Why? Because let’s face it no one wants to have their heart broken but if it does happen at least you didn’t dive in head first.

Let yourself enjoy your time together, take each day one by one and if it’s meant to be, it will be!

Until next time xox

Miss Behaving


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