Breakup Tip #35

Have you ever heard the quote, don’t let someone become a priority when you are just an option? I wish I could tattoo this on my forehead sometimes!

It’s so easy to let someone you like become your main focus. You can’t concentrate on anything anymore, you think about this person constantly and you create-up imaginary scenarios in your mind of what will happen when you next see them, am I getting warm?

You see, as women we tend to let our emotions get the better of us. It’s easier for ladies to fall harder at first than I believe it is for a man. When a guy we like says something like, oh one day we should go to this really cool Japanese place I know, we automatically assume he is thinking that we will be with him forever. Well, ladies here is the hard cold truth. Guys (unlike girls) tend to go with the flow, they try not to stress too much about the future and they probably don’t have a wedding board on pinterest (oh darn!).

Here is some more insight; guys will make you a priority in their lives if they like you. They will want to spend time with you and you won’t have to eagerly wait by the phone in hopes he will ask you to do something this weekend. Why? Because the guy that likes you wants to make you feel special and important. If you find yourself waiting until a couple of hours before to hear from him as to whether or not you’re going to hang out this could be a red flag. What kind of guy waits for a better option to pop up instead of hanging out with you? Do you really want to be the fall back option? I didn’t think so…

So, if you don’t feel like a priority in his life, maybe it’s time to take a step back and re-analyze the situation. We deserve to be with someone who wants to spend time with us as much as we want to see them. It’s not much to ask! Oh and if you’re picking your “friend” over me, you better be sure it was worth it because I may not be coming back.

Take some control here, ladies. You deserve to be number one!
Until next time,

Miss Behaving xox


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