Breakup Tip#32

Don’t settle because you’re lonely…

How many friends do you have that put up with mediocre relationships because they don’t want to be alone? We can all think of them, right? We may never tell our friends this but we know that deep down they are settling for someone when they deserve someone much better.

Having someone in our lives that will spend time with us, call us and love us is a great thing and it’s something to be cherished but when we are unhappy with the relationship why stick around? I understand that many women feel the added pressure to get married, settle down and have kids. We all want that but if we have it with the wrong person will it really be as great as we pictured? Probably not.

Breakup’s hurt, they make you feel lonely and miserable all at the same time but what they don’t do is break-you entirely. You can survive a break-up, what you can’t survive is a failed marriage (at least you shouldn’t have to). You deserve to be with someone who you can’t live without and I don’t mean because you would be lonely without them. So, maybe this time you have to be the one to pull the plug and move on because deep down you know this relationship isn’t working. Don’t be the girl that settles for a mediocre relationship, be the girl that has a relationship that you know you can’t do without.

Be strong, Ladies. No one said it was easy but it may be worth it in the long run.

Until next time

Miss Behaving xox


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