Breakup Tip #31

The phone call that never comes…

Have you ever been the girl that sits by her phone waiting desperately for a phone call and end up constantly being disappointed? I have and it sucks.

You see, as women we want to feel that our feelings are reciprocated, that as much as we are thinking about this person, they are thinking about us too. For example, the other day, I had lunch with a good friend of mine. She had been recently set up with a guy her friends knew. The first time he called the conversation went well and he said he would call her within the next few days. Well, the next few days came and went and my friend began obsessing over her phone, constantly checking it in case she missed a call. A week and a half went by and finally she gave up, he was obviously
not going to call.

Now, many women would have probably given up after the first few days but for the few crazy ones (myself included), we tend to hold onto the hope that something might have happened that might have stopped him from being able to call. He’s dead, he was abducted by aliens, he was in a terrible car accident or he lost his phone, computer and none of his friends have connections to the outside world. Believable? Maybe not.

However, in this instance the guy did call-his excuse, he dropped his phone and had to wait for the new one to come before he could call (after all, how many of us actually know other people’s phone numbers off the top of our heads?). Unfortunately, in this situation the relationship didn’t work out for other reasons but what I want to get across to you, is that sometimes we need to know when a guy is into us and when he is not.

A guy that is into us will want to speak to us; he wouldn’t want to go days without talking to us because that would be too long. He would also be the one to initiate the phone calls instead of just returning your desperate pleas to call back. I’m not saying the guy needs to be constantly calling you and checking in but letting you know that he cares enough to say goodnight or that he was thinking of you would be a step in the right direction.

I can’t tell you how many of my friends have tried to justify a guy’s actions and reassuring me or themselves that he will call but right now he’s just really “busy.” I don’t buy it. We deserve better and we should know that if this guy doesn’t feel like he needs to speak to us then maybe we don’t need him after all. Be bold Ladies, you will find someone who wants to speak to you (no matter how busy they are).

Until next time,


Miss Behaving xox


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