Breakup Tip #30

When do you pull the plug? (I’m not talking about the plug for the toaster here)…

Many women fear the end of a relationship (myself included); we see all the red flags and even try to convince ourselves that this person will change. However, no matter what are friends tell us or what we do to try and “fix” this individual; we have come to the conclusion that something isn’t right here.

Below are a few signs that he may not be the one and it may be time to head to splitsville:

1. He no longer values you (you are no longer #1 on his priority list)
2. He says things that put you down (hey, that sweater wouldn’t look good on anyone!)
3. He doesn’t want to spend time with you (a video game has more appeal)
4. He wants to “see other people,” while continuing to date you (when he has time)
5. He doesn’t call, text, fb message unless he needs something
6. His friends don’t acknowledge you as his better half (or they don’t even know you exist)
7. He always has an excuse…
8. He has lied, cheated or both (enough said.)
9. He is never available and when he is, he has better things to do…(what a jerk)
10. He doesn’t care to hear about your life but wants to complain about all of his problems

These are just a few of the signs that you could be heading down the wrong path. I know every situation is different but if you have that nagging women’s intuition that something isn’t right, then you are probably correct. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and re-analyze the situation, is this guy into you or does he seem uninterested? Only you can answer that.

Hey, no one ever said a relationship was easy but it shouldn’t have to be that hard. Give yourself a little time to think about what YOU want from this person and if he’s not willing to give you what you need, it may be time to hit the road.

Remember, you are loveable.

Until next time xox

Miss Behaving


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