Break-up Tip #37

You have survived Valentine’s Day, congratulations!

So, it’s safe to come out again and although you will continue to see a few remnants of the V-day celebrations on Facebook, you have survived the day and will be worry free for at least one more year.

What better time to look forward to the future without the worry and hassle of a holiday devoted to Love? Let’s face it those giant teddy bears and heart shaped chocolate boxes are just tacky and we don’t need the extra clutter anyway, right? I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nice to have a delivery man show up at work with a large bouquet of flowers but let’s just wait till next year.

You may be asking yourself what does this year look like for the newly (or not so newly) single lady. Well, that my friend is up to you! If you decide to dwell on your past relationship, this year could be one of solitude and long nights of regret but it doesn’t have to be. You see, now that we’ve gotten over the hump of Valentine’s Day, we can finally rest in the fact that no one can publicly throw their love in our faces without many people wanting to gag.

What I’m trying to tell you, ladies, is that it’s time to take a risk, get out there and see what other fish there are in the sea. If that means online dating, then try it. If that means trying out new hobbies and going to new places, then do it! What it doesn’t mean is stalking your ex until 2am, nothing says crazy quite like someone sitting in a tree staring into their exes’ window (can we say creepy!).

No, you are better than that and I think we have a little more self-respect too. You don’t have to let this break-up be the end of the world; let it be the start of something new. It’s time to really start the year off with a bang. I believe you deserve the right to love and we all want to be happy, right?

Give love one more chance this year because your ex doesn’t deserve to have you back and there is probably a new (even better) guy just dying to take you out.

Hey! Free dinner never hurt anyone 

Good luck Ladies xox

Miss Behaving


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