Breakup Tip #33

Today I am taking my advice from a well-known show called the Bachelor, maybe you’ve heard of it?

This season’s Bachelor is Ben Flajnik (try pronouncing that three times fast) and although I personally do not find this man attractive, apparently many of his contestants do. However, I’m not here to bash Ben, rather take some insight from the show into how women deal with breakups (no matter how big or small). Thanks Ladies for the inspiration!

Let me first apologize to those people out there who are not Bachelor/Bachelorette fans because although you’re not exactly missing out on quality television, you are missing out on what can be taken away from it. You see all these beautiful ladies have traveled from various locations across the U.S (and possibly outside of it) to meet this handsome (or in this case, not so handsome) man.

Now normally when we meet someone we don’t have to compete with 24 other gorgeous women so that already increases the risk of heartbreak to 99%. The purpose of the Bachelor is for a man to find his soul mate (cheesy, I know). However in most cases they believe they have found the “one” or as many a bachelor/bachelorette have said in the past “I believe my husband (or wife) is in that room.” Yeah, I would too if I had 25 beautiful men just dying to spend some time with me! Geez…life is so unfair 😉

But, let me get to the point. You see if the Bachelor has taught me anything it’s that heartbreaks happen to everyone. Sometimes they happen to the most beautiful people and sometimes they happen without us even expecting it. For example on last night’s episode Samantha was kicked off without any warning and she was left totally devastated. Admittedly, I thought she was a little over the top, but this just goes to show every break-up is hard, even if the guy is dating 24 other women at the same time!

What I’m trying to tell you, Ladies, is to have hope, we all suffer at different times but knowing that somewhere someone else feels the exact same way gives us a little hope. I don’t mean we want everyone else to suffer the way we are, but knowing that other people have experienced the same hurts as us is somewhat comforting. We don’t need to be alone in our hopes and fears, we are all human and we can share in those things, if anything they bring us closer together.

So, maybe Ben wasn’t the guy for you but who knows maybe you will be the next Bachelorette and have the chance to meet an even better looking guy! Here’s hoping 🙂 until next time…


Miss Behaving xox


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