Breakup Tip #32

Deal breakers, we all have them but sometimes we pretend we don’t…

Have you ever been in a relationship that was going along well when all of a sudden your significant other does something you would consider a deal breaker? So, what do you do?

Deal breakers can vary for everyone but mostly they are normal expectations of what we want our girlfriend or boyfriend not to do. If that certain thing is done then we can no longer date them.

Let me give you some examples of deal breakers:

1. You will not date someone who smokes
2. You will not date someone who doesn’t want kids
3. You will not date someone who does not share your faith
4. You will not date someone who thinks it’s ok to hang out with their ex
5. You will not date someone who doesn’t make you a priority
These are just a few examples of some of the deal breakers you may have. Now, the problem occurs when one of these deal breakers appears after you have already started dating this person.

Things may have been going along well, you really like him and he really likes you but then BOOM, out of nowhere you find out that he likes to smoke pot (or something equally out of the blue). So, what do you do? Do you end the relationship right here, right now? Or do you say something; explain your reasoning as to why you don’t agree with this thing? That is up to you, but my experience is that a deal breaker however much we wish it wasn’t there will continue to eat at us until we either fix it or walk away.

I have been here a few times, meeting a guy who I thought was great and then something comes up that I don’t agree with and I’m torn, what do I do? In most of these situations I decide that I can continue with the relationship, after all this is a good guy, things could change, right? Wrong…

You see, as much as we try to tell ourselves that this thing doesn’t bother us, in the end it will eat at you until something is done. In most of these experiences I have found that the relationship tends to go downhill shortly after. So, what is the advice for someone in this situation, do you walk away or do you stay and hope you can get over this? Well, that my friend is up to you.

I think if you have deal breakers then you should stick to them, if you get hurt in the end it may be because you could have stopped it in the beginning. Remember, no matter how great this guy is, it doesn’t mean that he is the right one for you. Stand strong Ladies!

Miss Behaving


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