Breakup Tip #30

New Year, new you.

It’s almost 2012 and with the New Year just around the corner why not take this opportunity to turn over a new leaf. You may have had your heart broken this year or maybe you were the one to break someone else’s heart but either way, you can now look ahead to a new chapter in your life.

As is tradition in the New Year, we are told to create New Year’s resolutions, something that we will do differently to help improve our situations. Well, why not use 2012 to be a new start? A chance to move on from your past and be open to meeting someone new! I know it sucks to see all you friends get engaged around Christmas and as much as you are happy for them, you can’t help but also feel a little left out. The bad news is if you continue to think about Mr. I’m not interested anymore, you will never open yourself up to finding Mr. Right!

I want to give you a little glimmer of hope, it’s not over. Trust me.

For all my ladies out there who are still grieving over their exes, it’s time to move on, forget him and go see what the next person will bring to your life because I guarantee there will be someone else waiting to sweep you off your feet.

This isn’t an easy time of year to be single, I get it. Don’t let it get you down, let it bring you hope and when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve you never know who could be waiting to kiss those fears away.

Good luck ladies and Happy New Year!

Miss Behaving xox


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