Breakup Tip #29

If being single wasn’t hard enough during the holidays how about having to go to a wedding?

You recently got out of a relationship and the very next day you receive a wedding invitation from your old college roommate, talk about bad timing. I have been there, having to face a wedding when all you want to do is curl into a ball and watch the world pass you by.

Unfortunately, life goes on even if we are broken-hearted, which means people will continue to get married and rub it in your face. Yes, you will see the ring on Facebook, the engagement pictures and then endure the ceremony itself but don’t let this get you down.

So many women (myself included) think that getting married will be the answer to their prayers, as if “putting a ring on it” (thanks Beyoncé!) will make life easier somehow. Well, unfortunately the problems don’t end once you walk down the aisle; ask any of your married friends.

Look, going to weddings and engagement parties during one of the loneliest times of the year won’t be easy, in fact it may even suck but this is just a short period in your life. Oh and guess what, no matter how many adorable pictures these newlyweds post, I guarantee not everything is exactly what it seems. Just because someone’s life looks picture perfect doesn’t always mean it is.  As my mother always told me, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Give this single thing a chance, enjoy it and when it’s time you can post your own annoyingly adorable pictures.

Merry Christmas!


Miss Behaving xox


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