Breakup Tip #27

Do you ever wish you had an on/off switch for your emotions?

It’s not easy getting over someone especially when they broke your heart. I can’t count the amount of times that I have wished I could just switch off my feelings so I wouldn’t have to hurt anymore. I mean, if they can invent shuttles that can go into space, why can’t they invent some kind of pill that switches off the pain of heartache? Seriously…

I find it especially hard this time of year when you see so many friends getting engaged. As much as you want to be happy that you are alone, it’s not always as easy with everyone and their mother walking to the alter. I get it.

So, if we can’t have some kind of pill to take away the pain and we can’t switch the off button on our brains to stop us from thinking about that person, what can we do? Well, how about a good distraction. Over the last few weeks I have found my life has been quite hectic with things that I wasn’t planning for (example my car breaking down). All these “distractions” have helped me to take my mind of that person.

However, you may think that there isn’t anything on this planet that will distract you from your feelings right now and that’s ok too. Everyone needs time to grieve but what I’m trying to tell you lady is to get off your butt and do things that won’t have you sitting around and moping.

It’s Christmas time (my favorite time of the year), go get a tree, decorate it and plan a holiday party, invite all your friends and enjoy the season (with or without a guy), think of it this way it’s one less present to buy and one less argument to have about which family you should be spending the holidays with. This is a blessing!

Remember ladies, you are loved, you have family and friends who will want to spend this holiday season with you, so go ahead and breakout the eggnog and enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

And, who knows maybe one day they will invent that miraculous pill.

Until next time, happy holidays!


Miss Behaving


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