Breakup Tip #26

Trying to forget someone who hurt you is hard; trying to forget someone who didn’t is harder…

The relationship has ended and whether or not you wanted it to is irrelevant. However, sometimes we get broken up with by a jerk (huge weight of our shoulders, we never want to see him again…this was something that was for the best anyway), but sometimes we get broken up with by the good ones.

Let me explain….

Have you ever liked someone (they treated you nicely, they did all the right things and said all the right things), but for some reason this relationship just isn’t working for them. Maybe it’s not the right time for them; maybe they don’t think you are a good match, either way it hurts to get broken-up with by someone who was ultimately a good person.

Now, in most of my posts, I would tell you to go out and forget him, he didn’t deserve you and he never will. BUT….in this instance you may feel that this is not the case. So, what do you do when the one person you could actually see happily ever after with decides they need to walk away?

Well, my first piece of advice would be to give it time, stay in contact with him (if you think you can do this as a friend only) or just give him space and see if he changes his mind. If he doesn’t, it just means that this great guy is meant for someone else but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another great guy on the radar (meant especially for you). Hey! he might even be a better dancer (or whatever flaw that last guy had…). I know it hurts, it does, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t, it’s ten times easier to get over a jerky guy than a nice guy.

I have been in this situation and as much as I would wish this guy would come crawling back to me, he didn’t but I told myself that I would try my best to be happy for him (easier said than done). So, what have we learned from this? Not all guys are jerks but just because this guy wasn’t doesn’t make him the right one for you. Give it some time and have hope that another great guy may be just around the corner.

Good luck Ladies,


Miss Behaving xox


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  1. The first line is the truest statement in the world. I love this post! And I do hope to find a better (or at least another!) dancer 🙂

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