Breakup Tip #25

One small leap for women and one giant step backward for me….

This motto might seem somewhat confusing, so let me explain. You are going about your normal everyday life, you have started to forget about your ex (by forget I mean you haven’t thought about them for the last few hours) when all of a sudden (when you least expect it) you see one unread message…

Yes, the breakthrough in communication has happened. You didn’t expect to hear from him (possibly ever again) but nonetheless there he is, his phone number and name just waiting for you to read what he has to say. Your heart is pounding, what did he say, what does he want? All of these questions begin to run through your mind.

So, you read the text, it’s him alright, he said something simple like “hey, How’s it going?” Well, it was going fine until you suddenly decided to re-enter my life. Now what?

The confusing part about hearing from an ex again is you never know why they are contacting you or what they want. In this instance, my ex had sent me a package and wanted to let me know that I should be “expecting something in the mail.” I was totally shocked, why would he send me something? I later realized that he was probably sending me something his roommate had accidently thrown away, not sure why he would want to send this to me a month later…

So, what does this mean? I’m not really sure. Guys are just as confusing as they think girls are. We may never know if this is just an innocent act of kindness or something more. I am yet to receive this package but I am trying my best not to overthink it.

Listen ladies, guys are strange, they do things that we don’t really understand and often when we least expect it but what I do know is unless he comes knocking down my door with reasons why he was an idiot to let me go, I am not going to let this throw me off.  I am going to continue to move on and unless this guy is “the one” I will not let this small backwards steps take me through the usual what ifs. I refuse.

Let our exes miss us, that’s great but unless they are miraculously a different person we most likely don’t need them back.

Until next time,


Miss Behaving



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2 responses to “Breakup Tip #25

  1. So he hasn’t done any follow up? Ugh. I’m so frustrated and curious too!!

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