Breakup Tip #23

The things we do (post breakup) that may be a little crazy…

The man of your dreams (or so you think) has up and left and now you’re left to dwell with your feelings and emotions all on your own. This is normally a stage of the breakup I tend to call our little crazy phase. It’s a time when we often run through all the ways we can now win our ex back or maybe convince him that he made the biggest mistake of his life and (God willing) come running back.

However, while we are often planning and scheming on ways to make this happen, he is moving on with his life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about making him wish he hadn’t walked out the door but I think we may take that to a whole new level. Below are a few examples of the things we do to try and get our ex’s attention:

1. Driving by his apartment/house (this is not only insane its also stalking and it’s most likely going to freak him out)

2. “Dropping by” his place of work/normal hangout or any other location you think you might bump into him at

3. Posting pictures of you and your new guy (which we both know is really your gay friend Tim who never liked you like that anyway but we can all pretend, right?)

4. Calling or texting him about some emergency (which isn’t really an emergency but you needed some reason to contact him, hey! breaking a nail is a legitimate reason to contact your ex…not)

5. Creating outrageous and somewhat unbelievable Facebook statues about how great your life is and how you would NEVER miss your ex because you are SO over it (which you obviously are NOT…)

So, yes I know we all want our exes to know we are amazing people who are having fun and living life without them but let’s not do it in such an obvious, “we are just pretending to be over you” kinda way. However, I do have a few suggestions for ways to still enjoy your life without having to make up or go to some extreme lengths to make him realize what he’s missing.

1. Go out and have fun (no, I don’t mean make up a fb status about pretending to have fun, actually go out and do it!) examples: girls night out, movie night, theme park, shopping!

2. Post pictures or Facebook status about events you really do enjoy or things that you really do have coming up (remember you are allowed to enjoy things, who cares if he knows that you are moving on and having fun without him, it’s his loss)

3. Meet new people, this is a good way to move on from your ex and get to know new potential partners that might actually treat you better than your ex

4. Remember what you loved about being single (sometimes my happiest moments in life didn’t involve a guy at all)

5. Do what make you happy…and eventually (when you stop waiting, hoping and praying for him to come back, he will realize that he may have just missed out on the best thing that ever happened to him, if not, it’s his loss and you will find someone better)

Keep smiling 😉

Miss Behaving


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