Breakup Tip #22

Is there such a thing as bad timing?

After a recent breakup I was told by this certain guy that we had bad timing, i.e. he wasn’t ready for a committed relationship (at least not right now). However, timing seems like a very cliché excuse to me. I have heard it used by guys numerous times and it makes me wonder if there really is such a thing as bad timing after all?

While many of us girls try to over analyze such answers as this, at the end of the day we have to trust our own gut. Did this guy seem like the kind of guy who was genuinely interested in us? Does he have a lot of stress/demands/problems at the moment? All these things can be taken into consideration. No matter what your friends aunt’s boyfriend thinks, the bottom line is do you believe him? Is this someone you can trust? I believe if you know that this guy liked you and he didn’t want to hurt you, it may really be a timing issue.

However, with that said I am yet to come across a girl who got back together with that guy after he got his issues together. You see the problem with timing is time! We need it to move on and unfortunately during that space we may meet someone new or they may. You can’t be expected to wait around for them to figure out if they want to be with you or not, we can only hope that they realize how great you are and come running back.

I don’t know the outcome and I believe everyone’s situation is different and thus could have a different end result but what I do know is you deserve the best, if it’s this guy then great, if not move on and find the guy who does want to commit to you, right here, right now!

Good luck ladies,


Miss Behaving xox


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