Breakup Tip #20

Bad excuses for ending a breakup…we’ve heard them all before, right?

Yes, it’s nothing new but I feel the need to address the common excuses of why a relationship ends. It may have felt like it came out of the blue, maybe not but either way it has totally rocked your world and you’re not quite sure how to handle it. Let me make this easy for you, do you need to sit and dwell over the past relationship, does he really deserve your tears and heartache, let’s find out…

My least favorite lines that have ended a relationship:

1. It’s not you, it’s me, I just need time
2. I think we should just be friends
3. I think you deserve better than me (whoever really thinks that must think pretty low of themselves)
4. I am in a bad place (no kidding! Breaking up with me)
5. I don’t know what I want anymore (apparently not me!)
6. I don’t want to lose you as a friend (then don’t break my heart)
7. This is just too complicated (possibly a long distance relationship)
8. I am such a huge douche bag I won’t even give you a reason (he wouldn’t actually say this)
9. I am not sure if you are the “one” (ouch!)
10. I am no longer attracted to you (and if breaking up with you didn’t lower your self-esteem enough)

Of course there are variations of all of these but for the most part they all end in total heartbreak and most of the time you either didn’t see it coming or you just didn’t want to. The guy also happens to be a huge jerk and couldn’t care less about your feelings. I want to send out a huge hug to any girls who may have experienced this, it sucks and it hurts like hell. I don’t want to think this guy who seemed totally into me has now done a 180 degree turn and ready to walk out the door!

However, I will also vouch for the guys out there that do genuinely care about breaking your heart, you see they do exist and they DON’T want to hurt you but maybe (for whatever reason) this relationship isn’t right for them, we can’t fault them there can we?

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned but when we look for the signs and trust our feelings we are most often heading in the right direction. Don’t stress just yet, things will be ok in the end maybe not with this guy but no one knows what the future holds.

Hang in there!

Miss Behaving


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