Breakup Tip #17

You finally meet a nice guy, he’s sweet, he’s thoughtful and he actually picks you up and opens your car door on a date (what a winner, right?). Well, the problem may not be him, it may be his ex…

You see, sometimes the problem isn’t YOUR ex, it’s somebody else’s. I think we have all seen this before, the ex who doesn’t quite want to let go. She or he may have ended the relationship (maybe not), but all of a sudden they have appeared back in their life and you wonder if this is another red flag.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer; you see it could go either way. The guy may be so into you he couldn’t care less that his ex is back and may not even entertain the idea. On the other hand, he may secretly consider whether or not he wants you or the old girl.

Let me make this easier for you, if it’s the later, it’s time to say goodbye. We don’t need our new guy to be pining for his ex. I don’t want to be second choice to anyone and neither should you. If you feel like this chick is more important that you, it may be time to go.

A few examples of how this might look:

  1.  He has missed calls and or texts from her
  2. You see comments on his Facebook page from her (a lot)
  3.  She tried to “casually” swing by his workplace to say hi
  4.  She tells him she misses him 5. She hopes they can still be friends (as innocent as this sounds, who really wants to be friends with their ex?)

I’m not telling you to run for the hills but be cautious. I have dealt with some crazy exes and I regret not walking away when I had the chance. This guy should want to be with you, not his ex and her crazy shenanigans, let’s hope he makes the right choice and chooses to stay with you.


Miss Behaving



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2 responses to “Breakup Tip #17

  1. is this about a certain individual that I may or may not be somewhat aware of? does this individual read this? ^o^

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