The Do’s and Don’ts of a Breakup

I realized today that I haven’t written in a while and I apologize. However, I am back and ready to mend some broken hearts… who’s with me! (said in a loud powerful voice- for dramatic effect of course).

Today I have decided not to give you a tip but rather a list of do’s and don’ts. I realize that it’s hard to navigate the broken heart playing field without some guidelines to go by. So, here you are, my do’s and don’ts for the recently broken hearted.


  • Do spend time with family and friends
  • Do eat lots of ice cream (recommendation: anything Publix brand or Ben and Jerry’s)
  • Do listen to sad/happy/girl power music (whatever helps you get out the emotions)
  • Do talk about your feelings (everybody needs an outlet)
  • Do cry/scream/get angry or whatever you feel (just do it from the safety of your own home)
  • Do go out for a girls night out  (hey, you never know who you will meet next)
  • Do get a break-up buddy (they are your go-to person)
  • Do feel like crap (but get over it and then get out of bed, the world wants you back)
  • Do wear that little black dress (a little extra attention isn’t always a bad thing)
  • Do dance around in your pj’s and sing into your hairbrush (no one’s watching anyway)
  • Do shop till you drop (as long as you have the money to afford it)
  • Do get a haircut/pedicure or whatever makes you feel a little bit special
  • Do move on (you deserve better)
  • Do keep your head up high (confidence is sexy-at least that’s what I was told)


  • Don’t stalk him, call him or Facebook him (or any other form of communication)
  • Don’t wonder what he’s doing (he doesn’t need you to worry for him, that’s his mother’s job)
  • Don’t let him see you sweat (he doesn’t need to know he hurt you, why give him that pleasure?)
  • Don’t drink/smoke or do anything illegal to feel better or get revenge (it’s not worth it)
  • Don’t kill your friends by constantly asking them what they think he’s thinking or doing
  • Don’t lay in bed all day (get outside and have some fun)
  • Don’t make your credit card pay for his mistakes
  • Don’t abuse or attack his new girlfriend (let’s keep it classy)
  • Don’t get friends or family members involved (they don’t need to fight your battles)
  • Don’t beg for him to take you back (it only makes you look desperate)
  • Don’t talk badly about him (especially if you know it will get back to him)
  • Don’t beat yourself up about it (sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned)
  • Don’t let him come back (even if he wants to), this breakup is probably for the best, why hurt yourself twice?
  • Don’t think that no one will ever love you
  • Don’t let the past dictate your future (you deserve the best!)

There you have it a few (hopefully) helpful rules for those with a broken heart. I am sure there are many other guidelines but remember to use your common sense and try to remember you are loveable and you do deserve better!

Keep smiling 🙂


Miss Behaving xox


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