Breakup Tip #15

You miss your ex (but your aim is getting better)

This morning I feel compelled to blog about the need to get attention from you ex (post breakup). It’s very common to want to re-establish some kind of connection with the person you once loved.  However, you have to wonder why you are trying so hard to gain the attention of someone who no longer cares about you (harsh, I know).

You see, I struggle with the same thing, wishing that he would text me or see my post on Facebook and want to contact me. It’s not unusual to feel this way but it’s not healthy either. I started with baby steps, stopped following him on Twitter, hid him from my newsfeed, anything I could think of to stop me thinking about him all day.

The problem is, I didn’t really want to lose this person, I wanted to see what he was doing and secretly hoped he would want to see me too!  If I was totally honest with myself,  I would know this is not a good idea and deep down I know it hurts to see his check-ins or his new pictures with girls who I pretend are not as pretty as me. You see, we all want to get some kind of acknowledgment that the past few weeks, months or maybe even years meant something to this person. I understand, and no one knows exactly how our exes feel about us but for our own sanity we should probably assume they are moving on and we should do the same.

I know, it hurts and it sucks but this is life and unfortunately no one said it would be easy. On a recent episode of the Bachelorette, one of the contestants said that breakups were more painful than any kind of sickness because it’s both physical and emotional pain. I actually agree, there is no pill you can take for heartbreak and no matter how many people tell you, it’s going to be ok, you have to come to this conclusion on your own time.

So, although this post may seem somewhat depressing, I hope you can take one thing away from it, I feel your pain, I understand that this time in your life may suck, but one day you will look back on this and realize it all happened for a reason.

Keep smiling, things will get better 🙂


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