Breakup Tip #14

What do you do when you let yourself go down in flames…(a.k.a you took him back)

Well, you decided to give Mr. Wrong one more shot. After all, he told you how sorry he was, he told you how much he regretted his decision to let you go, he may have even begged and now he wants you to reconsider your relationship with him, sounds perfect, right?

So, after much consideration, going back and forth on what you should do, you realize your heart has already made up its mind. You want him back and although this could hurt, possibly even kill you; you decide to go back down this road again. Possibly the worst decision ever, but you have already given up trying to fight that inner voice that keeps telling you this is a bad idea (turn around now).

Well, things go well for the first few days (maybe even weeks if you’re lucky), but all of a sudden Mr. Wrong puts on the breaks, “things are going too fast”, he isn’t sure that he made the right decision and my favorite line of all, “he doesn’t want to hurt you.” JUST SHOOT ME.

Men can be as wishy-washy as they come, it’s horrible to think one minute you are the apple of their eye, their one true love and the next, he isn’t sure this is going to work out and as I was told recently, he would rather “be your friend than your enemy.” What a douche.

So, forgive me, men, if I speak for all the ladies out there who were nice enough (and possibly stupid enough) to give you a second chance because you didn’t deserve it the first time and you sure as hell, won’t get another try. So, be sure you want to let us go because we’re not coming back. I mean it this time, I really do.

Stand strong girls, it may hurt, it may suck and it may require ANOTHER breakup ritual of no sleep, crying and possibly pounds of chocolate, but saying goodbye to this jerk once and for all may be the best thing that you ever did. He didn’t deserve you before and he doesn’t deserve you now, the only thing that’s changed is that you gave yourself another chance to see it, but let me give you a hint, the third time’s not the charm, it’s the end. Let it go. Move on.

It’s time to say adios to all those losers!

Miss Behaving


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