Breakup Tip #11

The rebound (no, I’m not talking about basketball)

So, you recently got out of a relationship, you feel dazed and confused, then all of a sudden a new guy shows interest. Great, right? Well, it depends…

Everybody needs time to grieve their past relationship, to get over it and move on. However, in some cases we skip the grieving process and go straight into the next relationship, never quite healing from the first. I want you to know, it’s ok to want another guy’s attention, after all, having a little much needed TLC gives you a little swing in your step.

Warning- if you are hanging out with this guy for any other reason, besides that fact that you like him, there is a problem here. You see, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of convincing yourself that if you just find someone else to love you (no matter who he is), what’s his name, will come running back! WRONG.

The relationship is over and whether or not you need to take a short time out from the dating game is up to you, but don’t rush into a relationship with the next guy that walks along just so you can get over the last. Trust me, it’s not fair to you and it’s definitely not fair to the new guy (who could be a really great match, when you finally get over the last jerk).

So, my recommendation for you, ladies, is to give yourself some time to get over your ex and when you’re ready (truly ready and not still wondering about Mr. Douchebag), then you can take those next steps to finding Mr. Right. Believe me, the rebound guy will only lead to more hurt, maybe not for you, but still, let’s keep it classy.

Remember, you will get through this, time heals all wounds, you just have to give yourself a little breather.


Miss Behaivng


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