Breakup Tip #10

The run in…(how to handle it)

So, you casually walk into your favorite bar looking forward to a night out on the town, finally you have removed the covers from over your head and stepped out into the world only to see the one person you thought you would never see again…your ex.

(your heart just stopped)

What do you do, how should you act and what the hell is he doing here, is probably running through your head. Oh, and don’t forget the normal, do I look good, I hope he realizes what he’s missing. Well, this particular instance happened to me last night. I was out at a bar with my best friend, feeling good and ready to enjoy my night when low and behold from across the room I spot him. He still looked the same and as I felt my heart skip a beat, I thought to myself, holy crap, I may need to leave!

My friend quickly calmed me down as she reminded me, I looked good, I was (by chance) brought up to the VIP area of this bar and guess what, I was over it! Mr. not good enough wasn’t going to bring me down tonight and as I threw back the rest of my drink, I thought to myself, bring it on, I am not going to let you get to me and I am going to enjoy my night. So, I did!

I didn’t speak to him, I don’t even know if he saw me but just the fact that I knew he was there was enough ammunition for me to put my game face on, break it down on the dance floor and be myself (something I could never actually be when I was with him).

Ladies, I’m not saying a run in with an ex isn’t the most dreaded thing in the world and when you see him leaning all over another girl (like I did), it will sting just a little. However, keep your head up because you are going to handle this will class, after all nothing quite bothers a guy as much as ignorning him and moving on. But, guess what, thats exactly what you’re going to do.

If he speaks to you, great, be nice and friendly (let him know what he’s missing), but don’t scream, shout or curse at him, it’s not worth it and it will only make you look worse (I want you to look better). So, go ahead handle this run-in with ease because you’ve got this and when he walks away he will only be wondering…why he let you go 😉


Miss Behaving xox


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