Breakup Tip #8

Knowing your self worth…

Confidence may come easy to you. However, after a breakup, this might change quite dramatically. We all want to feel worthy of love (and we are, trust me), but when the one person who we thought loved us unlike anyone else decides to up and leave our confidence may hit the floor.

I know, I’ve been there. Feeling like your ego has taken quite a hit and wondering whats wrong with me? I get it. It’s not easy to find your own self-worth when the person you loved took it with him when he exited the room. I want you to know, you are valuable, this guy might not have seen it, but that doesn’t mean the next guy won’t.

Think of it this way, do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t see you for all you truly are? Why not be with someone who gets you without you having to explain yourself, someone who loves you flaws and all. Yes, this is what you SHOULD want and what you DESERVE.

I have been here many times and although I may have taken a hit to my self esteem, I eventually come to the realiziation that I am worthy of love and if this guy isn’t going to love me, then he isn’t the one for me!

You are worth it, you are loveable and you are a great person and someone (somewhere) will appreciate you for all you bring to the table. Just wait, maybe that loser who left you will realize this too, but guess what…by the time he does, you will have moved on, because you deserve better.

Keep your head up, Ladies. You are awesome (try repeating that a few times)


Miss Behaving xox


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