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It’s Friday afternoon (or evening depending on where you stand) and the world has spent a day watching, discussing, re-watching and pretending to care (or not care) about the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  (Does anyone else think it’s weird that you never hear a royal’s last name?  Furthermore, why is Catherine abbreviated “Kate” not “Cate”? Never mind.)

But about now, as the hype is dying down, I’d be willing to bet that there are a fair few of you secretly dying inside as your plan to become a legitimate princess has now been dashed to the wind.  While #RoyalWedding is trending today, I’m fairly certain that #PrinceHarry will be the trend of tomorrow.  As one of the last few available monarchs is taken off the shelf, the rules of supply and demand will kick in… I can see it now.

I wonder just how many of you lovely ladies have Googled “single royals” today.  I can just hear the inner dialogue now…

“Harry will do, Harry will do nicely.  He will never be king but who wants that pressure anyways?  Really, Harry and I… it would be the best of both worlds.  An over the top, televised royal wedding… I wonder if they’d let him marry an American?  Ooooh!  It would be like a joining of the nations!!!”


I’m sure there are many more ladies, while not particularly affected by the royalty part, are sick to death of yet another romantic to-do rubbed in their face.


While you’re trying to shake yourself back to sense, let’s add a few more things to STOP doing:

-Stop hating on Kate Princess Catherine.  Jealousy is just ugly.

-Stop searching for your Prince Charming in the headlines.  There are living, breathing wonderful people around you in your day to day life.  Who really wants to deal with paparazzi anyways?

-Stop the inner narration of your own televised wedding.  “She’s stepping out of the car now… the crowd goes wild….”

I’m sure there is more… maybe you can add your own suggestions to the comment section readers.

As someone once told me, “We are all in a waiting line for the things we desire.  Instead of jealousy towards the people at the front of the line, be relieved and thankful that you are one step closer.”  So, for those of you having a pity party over another fairytale wedding, buck up.  You are one wedding closer to your own (you can even wear a tiara).


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