Breakup Tip #7

This one goes out to all the shopaholics out there…

Shop till you drop may be your life motto right now but it can also be detrimental to the breakup process. Yes, you want to go out and buy a cute outfit, that’s fine. However, spending money you didn’t have to begin with to get that extra pair of Prada shoes will not get you anywhere, besides being in a lot of debt and no one wants that. I truly believe in shopping and enjoying time outside of your bedroom, but when the credit card seems to be paying for all the mistakes your ex made, there is a problem.

Monitor your spending habits, enjoy your free time but remember your bank account should not have to pay for his mistakes. I will warn you spending money has always been an easy way to get a quick fix from my breakup woes  but buying all these cute clothes that I don’t have an occasion for is unnecessary and a waste of money.

Yes, you want your ex to see you and think, what was I thinking,but you don’t want to have to go into debt to make him feel that way. All I am saying is be careful how much you spend, allow yourself to window shop and buy things you need, but don’t go overboard.

I would, however, recommend going through your closet during this time and getting rid of all those old clothes you never liked anyway because after all helping make other people look good, is a great feeling, so why not share the love?


Miss Behaving xox


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