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Breakups are terrible no matter how it happens but there is a new wave of digital relationship termination that should really be deemed disgusting by all.  Yes, I’m talking about the email breakup.  Seriously, if you are not mature enough to have “the talk”, no matter how painful, than you are not grown up enough to have an actual relationship.  This terrible form of delivery is exacerbated tenfold when an email ends an engagement.

On behalf of all the amazing women dumped via email by a fiancé, I present a template letter for your reply.

Dear _________________,

You should be ashamed of yourself. 

Not only did you lead my on, you lied to my face, drew in my family, and messed with our minds. 

I’m a reasonable person.  I can struggle to give you the slightest benefit of doubt by trying to understand how a man that could pluck up the courage to propose could possibly have a change of heart.  But call off an engagement via EMAIL?!  You, sir, are the scum of the Earth.  Worse than scum, even.  Your face should be pasted on billboards with the inscription “world’s biggest coward” so you can feel the full consequences of this despicable behavior.     

I sincerely hope you grow a pair before ever walking near a woman again.  If you can’t be sure enough of what you want, STAY FAR AWAY from the female persuasion.  They don’t deserve your treachery. 

Thankfully no longer yours,


Hang in there sisters.   It doesn’t feel like it now, but you are soooooo much better off.  Lift you head high.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Whether you feel it or not, there is a huge monkey off your back.  You are moving on to bigger and better things!  I promise… and I’m usually right.  Trust me.


Miss Independent (guest blogger)


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