Breakup Tip #5


Yes, we all do it and at times have been there for those who are also in this phase of life, but when it comes to a breakup, it often goes hand in hand. It’s that feeling of sadness, missing someone who was once a big part of your life and then realizing that you may not see them again. I get it.

My tip for you today, is to wipe the tears out of your eyes, get off the couch and back on with your life, because there are better things for you. So, Mr. Right didn’t turn out to be the guy you were dating, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t waiting just around the corner.

I know. You may not want to ever love someone else again, and if you can’t have him then you don’t want anyone. Yes, I’ve been there too. However, this does pass and when you meet a guy who will treat you better than your ex, you will realize all those nights of moping around the house were just keeping you from reaching your full potential.

I get it, it sucks. A breakup isn’t called a break-up for nothing and everyone needs time to get over theirs, but I am here to give you hope. There are two ways to view a breakup, as the end of the world or an opportunity to take on the world, it’s up to you, but I would go with the latter.

You can get through this and although moping around your house may seem like a great idea, it will only hold you back. So, give yourself some time to feel better, get out of bed and go outside (yes, the world is still going on without you, but it misses you and it wants you back).

I have done the moping thing and it didn’t get me anywhere and I mean literally anywhere, I’ve never spent so much time in the same pair of pajamas, swearing to myself that I would never leave my bed.

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