Breakup Fashion

My must buy of the moment is the shoes pictures below…I love them (enough said).

I must admit that my love for shoes is a little ridiculous (if you saw my closet you would understand), but my justification for this particular pair of shoes is as follows:

1. Classy (can be worn to work)

2. A sensible color that goes with most things

3. I love them (did I mention this?)

Ok, so maybe number three isn’t quite validation that I should buy this particular pair, but when it comes to the aftermath of a breakup, I think everyone should be allowed to treat themsevles every once in a while, right?

Breakups are often a time in my life where I feel a strong desire to shop. Yes, like many other women out there I am a shopaholic, but add a breakup to the mix and it’s disaster. You see, many times my credit card will pay the price of my ex’s mistakes, which means more debt for me and a much fuller closet. As much as I enjoy owning nice things, I do need to take control of my shopping habits after a breakup.

So, all this is to say, be careful how much you spend after a breakup, I am all about treating yourself every now and then, but don’t get carried away. So, I herby allow you to buy yourself something nice but don’t get the matching bag…just yet 😉



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