Toss Those Magazines!

It’s a commonly known fact that most men have a selection of hidden “reading” material tucked away, usually strategically stashed under their beds.  Now, these can range from the naughtiest of sorts to the tame, but still concerning, original-in-the-plastic copies of Archie but the principal is all the same.  Juvenile.

Now ladies, it’s time to own up to your own hidden reading materials.  You know you have them, we all do.  The dreaded bridal magazines.  You probably bought your first one when you were barely pubescent.  We craft unrealistic expectations about Prince Charmings, cathedral-length $50k gowns and even fill out the convenient wedding registry pull-out sections that promise all the household trimmings for a perfect life.  We circle the rings we like and use fake wedding dates to fill out the brochure and catalog request forms for invitations and favors et al.

Stop yourself.

Go to your secret hidey-hole, pull out the hopefully not too large collection… it’s time for a bonfire.  I’ll settle for tossing them in the recycling bin.  Whatever it is, do it now.  Let them go.

Now, I’m not saying that you’ll never get married just like I’m not saying that a man will never get a glimpse of honest-to-goodness ta-tas.   What I AM saying is that your “till death do we part” relationship will come along at its own pace.  Let the ring he puts on your finger be a surprise.  I’ll promise you now that the dress you could just die for now will be ridiculous to you when you actually step into a bridal store.  They will still be printing bridal mags then, I assure you.  Wait until you are actually a bride-to-be.  Purchasing that bridal magazine will be so much sweeter if we don’t torture ourselves in the meantime.

Yours truly,

Miss Independent (guest blogger)


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