Breakup Survival 101

So, you’ve tried everything and no matter how hard you try to forget your heart still hurts!

Yes, I’ve been there and I know exactly how it feels. No, the pain doesn’t go away over night and as much as you swear to yourself and your friends that he was such a “great guy,” the reality might be quite different.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve felt like my world was over and that my breakup would last forever. Let me guess, you have a heavy feeling that you can’t shake, waking up in the morning seems like mission impossible and going to bed at night is something you dread. I’ve been there. Yes, breakups are the worst. There are no prescriptions you can take  and there are no time machines to transport you to a better time in your life. However, I am here to give you hope because I believe you can survive your breakup and you can do it in style!

No, it won’t be easy and yes, you may feel like giving up but trust me when I tell you, you will get through this. It just takes some time, some good friends, possibly a new haircut and most importantly a lot of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (I recommend Chocolate Fudge Brownie). I will get you through this breakup and you will be better for it.

You ready? Let’s go fix some broken hearts </3

Katie xox


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